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Artist In Residence -- Sean Starr

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This month's Artist in Residence:
Sean Starr


Copyright 2006, All rights reserved

There is no shortage of pain, despair, and angst in the world. Those things take very little effort to influence an artist, because they are issues every person on earth has had to contend with. To set that all aside and use your medium to share something of substance is the beginning of truly great art. To claim my influences to simply be from the realm of painters and limit them to Pollock and Chagall is really an unfair approach. History's Idealists have formed me far beyond the boundaries of any one discipline. The work of Thoreau and Salinger has molded me just as equally, as well as Cash and Morrissey. The influences are everywhere and include the sentiments of every true Idealist I have met from my father to the very first Idealists who left their mark for the world to see on cave walls. -- Sean Starr

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