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BotP: Reborn

BotP's Favorite Movies

June 2006

April 2006

Artist In Residence: Sam Gillis

Obligation of the Critic

February 2006

Artist in Residence: Chris Fabbri

December 2005

Views and Reviews: War of the Worlds

October 15, 2005

Views and Reviews: Lost: Season One & The Interpreter

August 12, 2005

The expressionistic grace of Carole Orr

Table Talk

'My World' by Carole Orr. Artist Carole Orr gives us a glimpse into the life of an artist.

Well -- Versed

The Waiting Room -- Author of the critically acclaimed Zoo ; Alice Friman's gut-wrenching portrait of Birkenau, six decades later

Sparkling Diamond -- Poet, Teacher, Motivator; Joan Marques' anthem for the broken heart

July 12, 2005: The Memorial Issue
dedicated to Jason Sullivan August 31, 1975 -- July 12, 2004

Artist in Residence
The Celebrated, the Crusader Diego Marcial Rios

Table Talk
A candid chat with our first Artist in
Residence, Diego Marcial Rios

The Poetry of award-winning writer Rebecca Kavaler
The poetry of 'Savage' bard Daniel Patrick

BotP: Before The Launch

July 4, 2002, Issue #1!!!

Aahh...Don't you love movies?
Interview with Kate Driver half of Two Drivers production company and sister to Oscar-nominated actress Minnie.
Poem: Tristezza
Review of Beautiful. The 2000 film directed by Sally Field and starring Minnie Driver and Joey Lauren Adams.
July 16, 2002, Issue# 2
Well - Versed, Issue #2
Poem: Installation at the Basillica
Artist's Obligation
August 26, 2003,  Issue #3
Table Talk, Issue #3
Our chat with Kate Driver producer, actor and sister to Minnie Driver
Ramblings, Issue #3
Road To Rome Maya Jewell's grumpy and travelogue from the Eurostar second class car
Well - Versed, Issue #3
The Mirror by Maya Jewell a poem of not quite requited love

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