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Well - Versed -- Shelly Bryant (A Blessing)

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A Blessing
for the Global Metropolis
by Shelly Bryant

My incredulity at
your sedulity
would take an
eternity to tell.

The multiplicity
offered by this
municipality, despite
its visibility, was
unseen by the
principality once
governing the
complexity of
the inner city.
Disdained as an
infirmity by
the university with
such pomposity --
only a small
adversity, really,
to be overcome by
the great ferocity
of men's certainty.
The animosity of
the voice of
the varsity, its
calls for conformity,
by necessity silenced.

Despite dons' sagacity
and unmatched acuity,
masses of humanity
rise as a community
against false authority,
outshouting religiosity
with their solidarity,
the sincerity of
their pity opposing
all inequality.
So now diversity,
no more called barbarity,
no more mere curiosity
but source of our vivacity
opens undreamt
of opportunity.

May the enormity of
your prosperity multiply;
let humility ever
prevent disunity;
may charity be
your reality;
let equality ever
implicitly rule you;
may sanity reign
in perpetuity;
let civility raise
you to sublimity;
and may you always
thrive in tranquility.

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